The First Challenge on Formal Methods for Robotics: ICRA 2016

call for participation

We invite teams to participate in the first challenge on formal methods for robotics, to be held at ICRA 2016 as a Robot Challenge. Compared to other areas within robotics research, demonstrations of formal methods have been surprisingly small-scale. The proposed robotics challenge seeks to motivate advancement of the state of the art toward practical realization. The challenge is organized into three problem domains: arbitrary dimensional chains of integrators, roads with Dubins cars, and factory cart clearing. Each team may enter any number of control programs, each of which may be used on any subset of the problem domains. Results of the challenge will be organized by problem domains, and control programs will be scored based on performance within each domain as well as across domains when more than one is attempted by the same controller. Preparation materials including reference implementations and further details about scoring and logistics will be released in the upcoming months. Interested teams are directed to the challenge website at, which includes directions for subscription to the challenge mailing list.

competition schedule

The Challenge will take place during the month of May 2016. Please beware that this schedule may change as we finalize details.

instructions for submissions

The following are instructions for submitting controllers for the first round of trials. The deadline for submissions is May 11 AoE.

Please send, by email to the organizers (contact information below) a tarball that contains all relevant code, and a shell script named, to be used as follows. You may also send instead a URL for the tarball file. Please include a SHA256 checksum and/or detached signature of the submission files.

  1. the tarball (tar.gz, bz2, xz, zip) will be expanded after the signature/checksum is checked;
  2. is run; this should install all dependencies needed by your controller including building any source code, and should be tested on Ubuntu 14.04. Please include a README with comments in case this step fails. Please also include in the README a reference to the commit of the fmrbenchmark repository at which your code has been tested.

The details of how trials will be run are available in the Users' Guide tutorials and the normative document.


Vasumathi Raman <[email protected]>, where B =